After-Season Maintenance

Submitted By Admin Feb .22.2016

Elk season has pretty much come to an end; we are all slowly falling into that deep depression of cabin fever. Well here are a few things to keep your mind occupied and prolong the thoughts of the past elk season.

So I am somewhat of a tinker; I like gadgets and love tinkering with my hunting equipment. Also, I get labeled from most people I hunt with as that anal organization freak. Sorry, it’s who I am, but I also think it helps in my success while in the woods.

We all should be familiar by now how beneficial scent elimination is. The process of washing your clothes, storing them in scent safe bags, and showering in Scent-A-Way soap should be a regular practice for any big game hunter. Below are a few tricks that help build my confidence; they might be a little off the beaten path but might help add a little success for years to come.

One of the things I find myself doing this time of year is looking at all my equipment and making the necessary repairs from the hard-fought battle in the elk woods. First on my list is my pack or as my buddies refer to it, my “MAN BAG.” I wouldn’t dare venture into the woods without it. It has taken a fair amount of abuse and usually needs a good once over, so I completely empty my pack. More often than not you will find a few surprises, like maybe a month old sandwich or possibly the fun size Snickers bar that is now brown chalk and not chocolate.

After my pack is completely empty, Scent-A-Way Max detergent is poured into the washing machine and in goes my pack. This way my pack is washed scent free and ready to go next fall.

As I go through all these miscellaneous items in my pack, my knives usually need a little TLC. Hopefully it needs sharpening and there’s still a little blood on it from this year’s harvest. Most would just throw them in the dishwasher with that nice citrus dish soap. It kind of defeats the purpose of washing that pack in Scent-A-Way detergent, so I wash all my knives by hand in Scent-A-Way soap. Little steps like this really boost my confidence that I have thought about every little detail. Now that the pack is washed, repacked, and organized, I can place it in the Scent-Safe travel bag for winter storage.

If you have done much backcountry hunting your sleeping bag probably has B.O. from many treks up the mountain and jumping in the rack after late nights. Most sleeping bags on the market that are backcountry worthy come with a pretty good price tag and most manufacturers recommend not using a washing machine to clean them. One trick I have found works well is opening your bag up on an outdoor clothes line and spraying the bag down, inside and out, with Scent-A-Way Max Continuous Spray. It seems to do the trick. I then hang up my bag in a closet to help with loft issues, as most manufacturers recommend.