Favorite "Less Known" Products

Submitted By Nate Whited Feb .22.2016

Let me just start this off with full disclosure: Shameless Product Promotion is about to follow.

Most of the time we at HS fill this space with stories, or advice, or some kind of all-purpose tip. We try not to make this too commercial sounding. But sometimes you have to break convention and write outside the box.

This is one of those times.

At the recent ATA Show I was talking with one of my coworkers about our favorite “less known” products. Of course everybody is familiar with the more popular ones—the Scent Wafers, the Li’l Deuce and Li’l Deuce 2, The Heavy Horns, The Mac Daddy—you know those tried and true HS products that everybody has one or two of. But some of us here have our favorites that have developed a bit of a “cult following” among those in the HS office. Here are some of mine.

1.) Limb Lights. For some reason I never seem have enough of these little reflective twist ties. They’re designed for marking your trails in and out of the treestand but I’ve used them for marking blood trails at night, used them as yardage markers from my stand and even used for marking pit blinds near a duck pond. A pack of these will get used for a dozen or two reasons and next thing you know you need more.

2.) Scent-A-Way Wash Towels. Designed to fight odor for big game hunters it also (not surprisingly) works for teenage soccer players, fishermen, campers, hikers, people who work in an office and exercise during their lunch breaks…the list goes on. The 10’ X 12” towels are large enough for a full body wipe down, and feel great after you get hot & sweaty. New for 2015 HS has made the Scent-A-Way Wash Towels available in individual packs, so they’re easier to carry with you. Again, you’ll be surprised how much you use them.

3.) Windicator. Let's face it, the wind direction has a lot to do with how you hunt—no matter what you hunt. Even if you think it’s blowing one way, how it’s swirling is difficult to judge. That’s what makes the Windicator so valuable. Just shake and squeeze and you can see exactly what the wind is doing at your level. It’s originally meant for deer hunters, but I’ve used it on predator hunts and waterfowl hunts. Just one of these bottles saved a lot of valuable time on a snow goose hunt a few years ago. When you have over 1000 decoys and they need to be changed with the wind direction, it’s nice to judge that direction as soon as possible.

4.) Pruner-saw combo. Once again, I don’t care what I am hunting; I have both of these with me. Whatever you hunt, there is almost always a twig or a sapling or a branch in the way. If you’re hunting anything that might use a blind, there is always some part of that blind that needs more cover. Need to make a blind in a hurry? A saw and pruner along with some black zip ties (always in my bag too) can build a blind almost anywhere, in very little time. Going camping? There is always kindling for the night’s fire that needs to be cut.

5.) Because I’m short on space I’ll just give a passing mention to our Bunsaver seat cushion (works great at football games as well as hunting blinds!), our field dressing gloves (don’t try to clean a pile of snow geese without them!) and our Cable Lock (works on treestands, canoes, bicycles & golf carts.)

And there you go. My favorite “less known” HS products. What are yours?