Hunting in Africa

Submitted By Carl Drake Feb .22.2016

I'm going through my checklist to make sure I have everything I am going to need to be hunting in Africa. I start thinking of the animals that are on my checklist that I am going after. One thing I am reminded of is that no matter where in the world I am hunting, no matter what the terrain I have to deal with, or the weather, there is one common denominator. The thing that can either make or break my hunt, is the animal's nose.

Here in the good old USA we always talk about the elk's nose, or the whitetail's nose, or the coyote's nose and so on. I am going to be faced with the same problem in the dark continent of South Africa. As I read up on my animals, I find that blue wildebeest and impalas run in herds and have several noses to deal with.

So as I'm packing all my Realtree camouflage to eliminate their eyes, I get a knock at the door and the good 'ol UPS man shows up with all my Scent-A-Way products from Hunters Specialties. Like a kid at Christmas, I rip open the boxes and see what lies inside. A smile creeps across my face from ear to ear as I pull out bottles of Scent-A-Way spray, body wash and shampoo. The one or two products that catch my eyes that are going to be very helpful in Africa are the Scent-A-Way towelettes and wipes.

We know how hot it can get when you're out doing a spot-and-stalk hunt and it isn't always convenient to carry a spray bottle so these wipes will come in extra handy. I'm looking forward to another exciting trip and taking the products with me that can definitely make my hunt successful. For those who would like to follow my adventures, look me up on Facebook at or just check out the Hunter Specialties website for all my pictures.