Taking Scent Control Seriously - by Brad Biddle

Submitted By Admin Nov .29.2017

Scent Control seems to be the talk of the hunting world these days, and for good reason. When I first started hunting years ago we didn't put much effort into Scent Control. We bought some "Green soap" from Scent-A-Way and took a shower (if we had time) before we hit the woods.

Despite the deer numbers being low at that time, I'm sure the lack of being clean was more of a factor in not harvesting more whitetails than we did. When I started filming for Hunters Specialties, I began to notice the extra steps that the hunters were taking to stay undetected. This is how I really began to realize how important it is to stay scent free. I quickly learned that if you don't take every step in Scent Control you have wasted your time in doing any of them.

For Step 1 (Clothing), start by washing your clothes in scent-free laundry detergent, then store them in a sealable bag.

For Step 2 (Body), take an odorless shower every time you go hunting, especially if you have stopped at the local diner for lunch. If for some reason you can't take a shower, at least get some scent-free wipes such as Scent-a-Way MAX Field Wipes and try to clean up the best you can.

The third and final step is the Field – this is where you spray down with Scent-A-Way Spray. You want to completely spray your clothes, boots, backpack, hat, and everything else that you can before heading into the field. Pay close attention to perspiration as you walk and respray once you reach your destination. Another great little item would be a Scent Wafer maybe on your hat, backpack, jacket, etc. Whether it would be Fresh Earth, Pine or Cedar, the smells they put off are as realistic as you can get, and will help cover any leftover odor.

If you do these things religiously you will see your hunting success increase, just like I did. You will realize how important it is, and that you couldn't imagine going to the woods without taking these steps. You may even harvest the buck of a lifetime just by spending a litte extra time staying Scent-Free.

Brad Biddle