In the end, the stories endure. They begin in hushed tones around quiet campfires. Names are dropped but locations are not always disclosed. Ears perk up. Some details are exposed. Eyes widen. Dreams are inevitable.

Put your time in and you might someday meet one of the characters. Many are hunters just like you. Hunt hard enough and you, too, will encounter the bucks, bulls and gobblers—most likely kin to the record book wall mounts you've seen.

More often than not, somewhere inside each story, a pattern emerges. Respect and reverence are paid upon a familiar partner: Hunter's Specialties, made for sportsmen, by sportsmen...35 years and counting. For us, it's always been about the critter. The characters. The stories. And especially the gear that binds this never-ending tale.


Together, We Truly Are The Stuff Of Legends.