EZEE WHEEZE Deer Call (00186)

The EZEE WHEEZE is a snort wheeze deer call that is easy to use. The snort wheeze is a seldom-heard vocalization that a buck makes to challenge an intruder. It is the highest level of aggression and is performed primarily by bucks before a charge, leg kick or fight. It may scare off lesser bucks, while attracting a dominant buck when used near rubs and scrapes, or it can be used to stop a buck with an estrus doe.

The EZEE-WHEEZE takes the guesswork and talent required to do a snort wheeze sequence out of the equation. Simply blow a snort wheeze cadence into the end of this 4-inch polycarbonate tube and sound like a buck, begging for a fight and ready to do battle. Includes lanyard and 3-inch instructional DVD.