If you've given your 512/612 caller a full, 12-24 hour charge, and the red light blinks (or doesn't come on at all) when you take the caller off of the charger, put a tape in, and turn it on, then that would indicate a dead battery.

To order a 12V replacement battery for your Johnny Stewart Game Caller, please contact Western Recreation at 1-800-525-1181.

To remove the battery:

  1. Remove the two shoulder strap screws while the caller is in the upright position (deck on top).
  2. On a sturdy bench or desk, lay caller on its side.
  3. Remove contents (deck and batteries) from the bottom case. Battery is wedged in there tightly, (not glued or screwed).
  4. The battery is attached to the bottom of the cassette deck with double-sided tape. Remove +/- battery terminals, and then take a good, sturdy, flat-head screw driver and pry the battery from the deck.

Remember to charge the 12V battery overnight to 24 hours prior to and after each outing, and every 2-3 months throughout the calendar year to prolong battery life.