Tips On Using Your i-KAM

•For bowhunters, when aiming the target may be out of camera view as your head is turned to the side at full draw. Try putting the glasses crooked on the bridge of your nose or brow for the shot.

•When looking down be sure the glasses move with your eyes or you will miss what you are trying to video. Move your head, not just your eyes.

•Use good video technique, like don't film towards the sun, keep your head steady, etc.

•Would you like to edit your video and share it with family and friends? Try Windows Movie Maker, which comes with every PC and can be downloaded for free at Mac users: You can upload your video to iMovie and edit it there.

•You can export your movies to iTunes and watch them on your iPhone, iPad or iPod by syncing to those devices.

•Video Storage Limits: When you press the record button and both the blue and green lights flash, followed by shutdown, that means your memory is full. To avoid this, transfer your recordings to your computer after every use and delete the memory from your camera. You can also add a micro SD card for more memory.


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