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Hunters Specialties Acquires Buck Bomb, Inc.

Austin, TX, April 30, 2015 – Hunters Specialties, Inc. (“Hunters Specialties” or the “Company”), a portfolio company of Peak Rock Capital (“Peak Rock”), an Austin, Texas based private equity firm, announced today that it has acquired Buck Bomb, Inc. (“Buck Bomb”), a leading supplier of hunting attractants.

Wayne Carlton: Even the Best Bowhunters Can Miss Their First Elk

Editor’s Note: You may be one of the best archers in your state and perhaps have harvested a good number of whitetail deer. You may be very confident in your ability to place the arrow and make an effective shot. However, the first few elk hunts that you go on, if you have a big bull at very close range, you may not be able to make the shot that you think you can make. Here’s what happened to an excellent bowhunter when he went on his first elk hunt.

Use Cow Calls to Bring in Nervous Elk

Editor's Note: Hunter's Specialties pro Dieter Kaboth is a longtime elk hunter and caller.

Dieter Kaboth: Hunting Elk On Public Land

Editor's Note: Hunter's Specialties pro Dieter Kaboth is a 4-time World Elk Calling Champion.

Why You Need to Recognize and Treat Altitude Illness

Having the best elk calls and elk-hunting accessories from Hunter’s Specialties with you when you hunt elk is important to your success. But an elk hunter needs to have a complete check-up with his or her doctor before embarking on an elk hunt to discuss the possible effects of altitude illness and to learn which altitude medicines won’t have a drug interaction with his prescription medicines.

Public-Land Archery Hunting During the Early Elk Season

Editor’s Note: Dieter Kaboth of Orofino, Idaho and a member of the Hunter’s Specialties National Pro Staff, is a four-time World Champion elk bugler.

I primarily hunt public lands. I’ve called-in hundreds of elk but only have taken 52. Most of the time I’m calling-in elk for friends and family members. I have an archery season and a rifle season tactic I use for taking bulls on public lands.

How the Latest Coyote Research Can Help You Hunt Predators

If you’re looking for a place to hunt, offer to help out landowners you know by taking coyotes on their lands. Here’s some of the latest research on coyotes that you can tell landowners.