180 Day Estrus Liquid Scent

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Hunters Specialties new 180 Day Estrus Scent gives you a potent, long-lasting lure that will not only attract bucks and does, but keep them in your hunting area for an extended period of time.

180 Day Estrus long-lasting deer attractant comes in a 3 oz. bottle and includes 4 Spike Wicks.

• All-natural whitetail doe estrus collected at peak cycle

• Blended with key ingredients that attract local bucks

• Prompts repeat visits and triggers territorial competition

• Stabilization Technology ensures every bottle contains elevated levels of doe estrus pheromones

• Developed by wildlife biologists and our own pro staff

• Amber bottle seals in freshness and potency

How To Use

 The special ingredients in 180 Day Estrus can be used any time from September to February during pre-rut, peak rut, or post-rut phases. Place 180 Day Estrus on drags and also add a capful of scent to 3–5 real or mock scrapes upwind of your stand. For maximum scent dispersal, apply 180 Day Estrus to spike wicks and hang them on branches over scrapes.