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Buck Bomb Pre-Loaded Scent Wicks

SKU: 200018

Buck Bomb Synthetic Scent Wafers are "one-time" use wicks that offer fast and easy "hang & hunt" scent dispersal. Doe 'N Estrus is perfect for the peak rut period when bucks are on the lookout for a hot doe, and Ambush is the perfect All-Season curiosity scent from early season to late season.

Because of the synthetic formula, these wafers can be used in areas where natural urines are not allowed, including Canada. Hang multiple wafers to serve as yardage markers.


  • Offered in two scents: Doe 'N Estrus or Ambush All-Season
  • Use Doe 'N Estrus for peak rut and Ambush throughout the entire season
  • Feature elastic hang cord to quickly & easily hang from a tree limb
  • Synthetic formula is allowed where natural urines are illegal (including Canada)
  • Includes 3 Wafers