Deer Hunting With Boots That Don’t Smell

Deer Hunting With Boots That Don't Smell

Have you ever started getting your deer hunting equipment ready a week before season and realize your new rubber boots smell like a new tire? Or maybe you get a pair of old boots out of the garage and they smell like a car? Well you need to know that one of the most important items that you need to keep scent free is your boots.

A lot of deer hunters prefer wearing rubber boots over leather boots. If you have bought a new pair of rubber boots, take them out of the box. Fill them up with water and add Scent-A-Way Liquid Green Soap. Wash the inside of your boots and let them dry. I may do this once or twice. I then set my boots out in the yard where Mother Nature can work her magic. I leave them out in the rain, wind, and sunshine. During that time I constantly spray them down with Scent-A-Way Max. During this step I usually go through at least a bottle of spray. Don’t be afraid to use lots of Scent-A-Way on your boots. Every time I head to the woods I spray my boots down again.

Now for the person wearing boots that are not new, stop and think about where most people store their boots–probably a garage. There is more chemical smell in your garage than anywhere else. Do you wear your boots in your vehicle? Maybe you wear your boots for something other than hunting, like mushroom hunting, or working around the farm or house. You most likely wear your boots in your vehicle for that. Take the floor mat out of your vehicle some time and smell it. You will most likely smell gas. I won’t wear my boots in my vehicle. I store my boots in a Scent-Safe Travel Bag so they are scent free when it’s time to go hunting, scouting, or checking trail cameras.

Lots of people ask me what boots I like to wear while deer hunting. I like to wear rubber boots. I have been wearing LaCrosse boots for quite a few years now. They seem to last long and most importantly, they are very comfortable. Their rubber boots are like wearing tennis shoes when it comes to comfort. The Aerohead is one of my favorites.

In closing, when deer hunting pay attention to all you wear, especially your boots. Scent-A-Way products will keep your boots scent free. This is just one other thing you can do to be prepared for the upcoming deer season and it will help you be more successful.

-Rick White