Scent-A-Way® BIO-STRIKE® spray from Hunters Specialties® takes scent elimination to a whole new level with the most effective new formula available.

Scent-A-Way BIO-STRIKE spray led all other products in independent scientific third party testing, proving to be 99.99% effective on the seven leading causes of odor. Working at the molecular level to eliminate odor causing bacteria, BIO-STRIKE is twice as effective as the competition. The Silver Nano formula attaches to positive and negative charged particles to address 360° of odor.

Scent-A-Way BIO-STRIKE spray is a Patented formula that attacks bacterial and fungal odors, as well as inhibiting the growth of new odors. The use of nanotechnology increases the molecular surface area for increased efficiency. The formula itself is odorless and long lasting, allowing hunters to remain as scent free as possible for more success.

Scent-A-Way BIO-STRIKE spray is available in a 12-oz. size for for an MSRP of $9.99 and 32-oz. for $14.99.

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ABOUT HUNTERS SPECIALTIES Hunters Specialties is a Cedar Rapids, Iowa based leading manufacturer and supplier of hunting accessories. Hunters Specialties manufactures and supplies quality hunting products, under the brand names, Hunters Specialties, H.S. Strut, Scent-A-Way, Buck Bomb, Carlton’s Calls, Johnny Stewart Predator Calls and others. The company’s customers include leading mass merchant and sporting goods retailers and distributors. For further information about Hunters Specialties, please visit their web site at