Complete Guide to Archery

Submitted By Admin May .22.2019

It can be difficult to get your start as a new bowhunter. You need to have an in-depth understanding of your game's behavior and environment, but on top of all that, you need to have a working understanding of your gear: what's available, what's right for you, and what'll bring you success on a hunt. For new bowhunters, gaining all that knowledge can be a pretty sizeable challenge.

To that end, we just wrapped up an interview with Matt from the Complete Guide to Archery, where we introduced readers to some of Hunters Specialties most potent tools: Scent-A-Way, HS Strut, Buck Bomb, and Wayne Carlton's Calls and Johnny Stewart Wildlife Calls. Our aim, as we say in the interview, is about getting you as close to critters as possible.

We also talked about a couple of topics that are vitally important to new bowhunters, and discussed:

•    Tips on how doe scents can be used, and how to use them throughout the different periods of a hunting season—and during the off-season, as well;

•    How each bottle has easy-to-read instructions telling you how and when to use that specific scent, so that there's no confusion in the field;

•    How personal scent control is a make-or-break tool that every hunter needs to use, and how scent control is a 3-step process (clothes, body, and field)—mess any one of them up, and it can ruin your hunt; 

•    Turkey calls, and in particular the HS Strut Cookie Cutt'R Pot Call and Slingblade Box Call, and how to use them to your advantage. We also get into some strategy, and talk about turkey behavior and how to predict their movements.

If you're new to the world of bowhunting, check it out—that intro knowledge can catapult you right out of the "beginner" stages of harvesting game with your bow. And, if you're a veteran bowhunter, it can provide you with a better understanding of your gear!