Don't Take Shortcuts with Scent Control - by Carl Drake

Submitted By Admin Dec .27.2018

I think sometimes as hunters we try to find quick fixes or shutcuts to makes processes easier, But one thing I have learned is you don’t take shorts cuts when trying to eliminate human odor while hunting.  As I sat in a deer stand many years ago on a cold frosty morning, I could look down onto the frost covered leaves and see my foot prints where I had walked in that morning. As I heard a commotion to the left of me, I saw a lone coyote coming down the hill towards my location. Bow in hand, I thought how cool would it be to shoot this dude and help my fawn and turkey population. But as the dog got closer…nose to the ground… he got to those foot tracks in the frost and spun around and hauled off like he had been shot at. As I sat scratching my head wondering what in the world might have spooked him, I look down at my leather soled shoe and light bulb came one in my head. From that day on all I wear are rubber boots.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that can make or break your hunt for a mature whitetail or the keen nose of the coyote. Simple things like spraying the inside of the sweat band of your favorite hunting cap. How about putting your hunting cloths on before when you get to you hunting spot not before going to breakfast at the greasy spoon or filling up with gas. How about washing your clothes in Scent-A-Way and putting them in a Scent-Safe Bag.  Spraying that leather watch band down you're wearing with some Fresh Earth scented Bio-Strike Spray. It’s sometimes the little things that can make a difference.

I have always said, scent elimination is a process and you can’t take a shortcut. Anything worth doing is worth doing right…especially scent elimination. Good luck and safe hunting.

Carl Drake

Hunters Specialties Field Staff