The Magic of Bio-Strike - by Bruce Wilds

Submitted By Admin Dec .27.2018

Summer is in full swing, record high temperatures are blanketing the country, and while chasing big bucks in the November cold is on my mind, the game at hand right now is chasing big cobia in the Chesapeake Bay. For the last several years, I have been addicted to cobia fishing. Not only for the simple fact that they are tremendous fighters and get huge, but rather for filling the freezer with some of the best tasting fish you will ever eat.

The first half of the cobia season finds me fishing for them using freshly ground, bloody, oily menhaden as chum; topped off with three fishing rods baited with live eels and one with a whole menhaden on the hook. For those that have never fished with chum or eels before, it is a messy, stinky process leading to menhaden oil, fish guts and eels slime covering you and your clothing. Couple that with temperatures in the upper 90’s, body sweat and sunblock, and you can imagine how pleasantly ripe one can smell by the end of the day.

I usually have a couple of towels on the boat to help grab the eels and fish, so they too soak up the slimy stench. By the end of the day, the towels and everything clothing related is covered in fish smell and sweat. Normally, I wash my clothes and the towels right away as soon as I am done cleaning the boat, however, there was this one time that I forgot, and well; let’s just say, my wife let me know that I had forgotten to do it the next day, while I was at work.

She took the raunchy mess and put it into the washer and used her name brand detergent to clean the clothes and to get rid of the awful odor. Well, she called me up later that day and said that the clothes still wreaked of sweaty, musty fish guts and that they were ruined. I advised her that I would take care of it when I got home.

I got home the next morning and went right to the dryer. She had put five dryer sheets in with the clothes and you could still smell the odor of fish and funk. I took the clothes back out, put them back in the washer and proceeded to use my Scent-A-Way Bio-Strike Laundry Detergent. I doubled the recommended dose to ensure a good soapy bath for my rank smelling clothing and towels. I then added the Odor Shield Laundry Additive and let it do its thing.

One wash later, I took my clothes out and put them into the dryer with a Scent-A-Way Dryer Sheet. After a quick 45 minute dry time, I went and pulled the clothes out and they were completely scent-free. The stench had been removed and I didn’t have to listen to my wife complain about the rottenness.

While serious deer hunters know scent control is critical and Scent-A-Way's main intent is geared toward hunters and odor elimination, it also has other useful purposes such as my experience during a recent fishing trip. The sky is the limit with Scent-A-Way products.  So, while many of you are thinking about beaches and suntans, don’t forget that Hunters Specialties can be a big part of your laundry in the off season as well!