Eliminate Unwanted Odors from Hunting Clothing With Scent-A-Way® BIO-STRIKE Laundry Detergent

Scent-A-Way® BIO-STRIKE Detergent gets hunting clothes clean while eliminating unwanted odors. Scent-A-Way BIO-STRIKE Detergent is an ultra-concentrated formula with Clean Rinse and Stain Guard to prevent re-depositing of dirt and soil on clothing during the wash. It contains Camo Guard™ for color pattern retention and has no UV brighteners.

Scent-A-Way BIO-STRIKE Detergent is compatible with high efficiency washers as well as top-loading machines. Scent-A-Way BIO-STRIKE Detergent comes in a 32 oz. bottle and sells for a suggested retail price of $14.99.

For more information about other Hunters Specialties products, log onto the Hunters Specialties website at www.hunterspec.com, or call a Consumer Service Specialist at 319-395-0321. For a downloadable word document of the full press release, please go to: http://www.howardcommunications.com/hunters-specialties-2016/3263-elimin...

ABOUT HUNTERS SPECIALTIES Hunters Specialties is a Cedar Rapids, Iowa based leading manufacturer and supplier of hunting accessories. Hunters Specialties manufactures and supplies quality hunting products, under the brand names, Hunters Specialties, H.S. Strut, Scent-A-Way, Buck Bomb, Carlton's Calls, Johnny Stewart Predator calls, Vita-Rack, I-Kam Xtreme and others. The company’s customers include leading mass merchant and sporting goods retailers and distributors. For further information about Hunters Specialties, please visit their web site at www.hunterspec.com.