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Fish-A-Way 12oz Spray

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When you're on the water, things can get a little "ripe" when you have a mixture of fish slime and rank moisture. Combat this age old problem of fish stink with Fish-A-Way® Spray which features active odor scrubbers that aggressively attract and attack a wide range of odors, especially fish odors. This proprietary formula directly targets fish odors for complete odor elimination, while resisting and inhibiting the growth of new odors.

Spray down your gear, livewells and deadwells to keep things as fresh as they were when the day started. Fish-A-Way® 12oz Spray is just the right size to take with you on a long day on the water, whether you're fishing from the bank or on a boat. Removes odors from clothing and hands, coolers, livewells, cleaning stations, kitchens and cutting boards. Safe on fabric and skin. Made in the U.S.A.