Mac Daddy® Herd Pack

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The awesome, all-in-one Mac Daddy® Herd Pack includes the Mac Daddy® with Infinity Latex®, Estrus Squeeze Me®, Carlton’s Calls’ Premium Flex™ double-reed diaphragm call and “The Complete Elk Caller” DVD. This easy-to-use call produces the most authentic bugles and nasally cow calls. For high-pitched, long-distance fight'n cow calls to up-close estrus whines and calf calls, you’ll love the Estrus Squeeze Me®. And rounding out the Herd Pack is the double-reed diaphragm for realistic, reliable, hands-free calling.

To equip you with essential elk calling know-how when using Wayne Carlton’s calls, plus scouting tips and exciting hunt footage, "The Complete Elk Caller" is a 55-minute DVD featuring elk calling legends Wayne Carlton, JR Keller, and Al Morris.