Primetime Rut Kit w/ Scent Hammock

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The Buck Bomb Primetime Rut Kit includes two (2) 4oz bottles of Buck Bomb Doe 'N Estrus liquid scent, two (2) Scent Wicks and the Scent Hammock which can be used with any Buck Bomb 4oz liquid scent. Simply hang the soft rubber Scent Hammock from a tree limb with a 4oz scent inserted, and loosen the cap of the 4oz liquid scent to release the scent at the desired pace.

Use this system to freshen a scrape during the rut or apply scent to any area while you are away. The Scent Hammock is hunter orange for easy visibilty to the hunter and act as a yardage marker.

(2) Buck Bomb Doe 'N Estrus 4oz Liquid Scent
(2) Scent Wicks
(1) Scent Hammock