Strut-Lite Turkey Decoys

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Strut-Lite Decoys from H.S. Strut® offer a lightweight, foldable hollow body construction for easy transportation and storage. Best-in-class detail in the decoys' flake-resistant paint job makes for extremely realistic decoys that fool even the wisest old toms.

Use individually, as pairs or use all three Strut-Lite Decoys together for the "flock" effect.  The included 2-piece ground stakes allow for quick setup and removal when things are happening fast in the woods.

Receive $10 back by mail on the purchase of a single decoy or $20 back on a combo pack! See the REBATES link below for more information.


Jake's semi-aggressive position brings in toms for an easy fight. Includes (1) 2-piece ground stake.


The Strut-Lite Hen's upright position is perfect for positioning as if she is ready to be bred. Includes (1) 2-piece ground stake.

Feeding Hen

The Feeding Hen's relaxed feeding position lets other turkeys know that the area is safe. Includes (1) 2-piece ground stake.

Jake & Hen Combo

Includes both Jake and upright Hen decoys, as well as (2) 2-piece ground stakes.

"The Flock" 3-Pack

Includes the Jake, upright Hen and Feeding Hen for the complete set. Includes (3) 2-piece ground stakes.