True Talker Deer Call

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Use the True Talker® to easily produce all the sounds in a whitetail deer’s vocabulary—from mature buck grunts to young fawn bleats—simply by applying finger pressure to the flexible membrane.

Expertly control pitch, tone, and duration as well as intensity, cadence, and inflection. Raised marks show where to hold the call to reproduce different sounds. The deer call has a balanced hardwood reed system that won’t freeze in cold weather and can easily be disassembled for cleaning and adjustment. The protective rubber coating provides a comfortable mouthpiece and deadens noise. An adjustable lanyard allows you to either wear it around your neck or strap it to your arm for hands-free operation.

The True Talker Legacy is also available in combination with our EZEE WHEEZE Deer Call, our Primetime® Rattling Bag, or our Primetime Bucks® 16 DVD.