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un-BEAR-able Synthetic Liquid Attractant

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Buck Bomb un-BEAR-able Synthetic Bear Attractant is an extremely strong attractant that will lure in bears in areas where natural lures are illegal (including Canada). Un-BEAR-able contains a strong sweet smell of blueberries that bears can't resist, and is also lined with synthetic bear pheromones that draw in bears right where you want them.

The easy-to-use dropper bottle contains four ounces of synthetic scent that can be dripped on the ground, stumps, bait sites - or even better - used with the Buck Bomb Detonator retractable scent wick (sold separately) or the 4 included spike wicks. This super potent formula makes the urge to come investigate grow until it's simply un-BEAR-able!


  • Strong, sweet smell of blueberries with synthetic bear pheromones
  • Bears can't resist and draws them in to a specific spot
  • Apply liberally near, around or on your bait site
  • Can be used where natural lures are illegal (including Canada)
  • 4 oz dripper bottle