Best Crossbow Broadheads Buying Guide - by Matt Powerhouse

When it comes to hunting with a crossbow, one of the most important things to think about is how to get the best crossbow broadheads. These small things can make all the difference to a hunt, having a huge impact on whether or not you can get a big hit. Hunting is all about accuracy and precision, and when using a crossbow, this is all decided by the quality of broadhead used.

This article should give some guidance as to what you should think about when deciding on the best crossbow broadheads for you. There are a lot of options on the market right now, so it can be helpful to have some tips on which important features you should keep in mind before you go shopping. By looking through these extra tips you should have a more thorough understanding of what makes a good broadhead.

What type of broadhead do you want?

The first thing to think about when trying to find the best crossbow broadheads is what type you would like to buy. Broadheads include blades that are used to cut into the animal on impact. Different methods of doing this have been created over the years, so you should look into what is available in order to decide which type is best for you. The three types of crossbow broadheads available are as follows.

Firstly, there are broadheads with removable blades. These crossbow broadheads come with sharp blades for powerful penetration. As they are removable, you can replace any damaged blade by itself, with no need to replace an entire bolt. Therefore, this saves some of the cost of broadheads, as the blades can be replaced individually. Removable blade broadheads are usually sold in packs of six. Each of those six broadheads has three blades attached to it.

The second and perhaps the most popular option is to buy crossbow broadheads with a fixed blade. These blades can offer good levels of balance and accuracy to help with your hunt. However, the blades are not removable which can be an inconvenience. As the most commonly used type of broadhead, these do tend to be less expensive though.

For those professionals who want to spend a little bit more money on their hunting gear, a third option is broadheads with extended blades. These use a mechanical system to conceal the blades during flight, but open on impact with the target. These blades can cause some real damage when hunting, as they allow an arrow to be more aerodynamic for speed, but also create a more significant wound.

Important things to remember:

Once you have decided which type of broadhead you want to purchase, there are a few features you should take into account. The weight, durability, and accuracy of a broadhead can make all the difference as to which are the best crossbow broadheads for you to buy, so it is important not to neglect any of these factors. A mistake in the size or weight of your broadhead could be the difference between a good hunt and a poor one.


Firstly, it is important to take into account how much the best crossbow broadheads should weigh. A hunter should only use broadheads that have the same weight as that which is suggested by the manufacturer of your crossbow. A lighter broadhead will limit how accurate your shooting can be while on a hunt. This will make your shooting less effective, and inevitably lead to quite a messy affair.

However, this can be problematic as you will have to carry your broadheads wherever you go, so you do not want them to be too heavy. It is better to buy light broadheads for the sake of your posture, although they should remain within your crossbow’s recommended weight. Then, other methods can be used to increase accuracy.


Especially for the more expensive broadheads on the market, it is important that they are going to last. This requires good maintenance and sharpening of your broadheads but also selecting a strong one that is durable enough to withstand a lot of action on a hunt.


Shooting penetration is also important. The best test for a crossbow broadhead is to see if it is actually able to penetrate the skin of the animal that you’re hunting. Some deer can have quite thick skin, so it is important to have a solid hard tip at the end of your broadhead. The best crossbow broadheads have a hard enough tip to be able to break bones, meaning more penetration on the animal. The sharpness and hardness of the broadhead tip are possibly the most important features.


The size of a broadhead can have a big impact on how successful a hunt can be. A good broadhead needs to be aerodynamic. If you find one which appears sleek and thin, it will likely fly faster through the air with greater balance and accuracy. This is ideal for catching your target.

The diameter of your broadhead is also important in order for it to match your crossbow. The smaller diameter is better, with under one and a half inches being recommended. Buying broadheads with extendable blades can help ensure the diameter is smaller. Not only this, but it can give a large cut when penetrating a target, creating a bigger blood trail for an easier hunt.

Legal requirements

This should go without saying, but it is vital that you check what sort of rules there are regarding hunting in your area. It is all well and good choosing the best crossbow broadheads for you, but they need to be legal. Anybody can enjoy hunting, but in the wrong hands, these can be dangerous tools. You should make sure that you won’t get in trouble before trying anything new.

This is a lot of information to take in, and it is unlikely that you will be able to choose a broadhead that is perfect for all of these features. However, being a good hunter is about knowing what is best for your style, so it is always good to know what are the best crossbow broadheads for your style.


By: Matt Powerhouse